Minerals Education Trust Fund

PO Box 30632 Braamfontein 2017

Tel: 086 100 7787 or 083 643 1004

Fax: 086 602 8983

e-mail: larak@careerwise.co.za

We Need YOUR Support

A group of companies in the mineral industry established

this fund in 1999. The pooled resources aim to address

and resolve some of the many challenges

facing tertiary education.


What is the METF's goal?

As a body the METF provides a means to:

    •   Pool industry resources for the support of tertiary education   in the South African minerals


    •   Jointly seek solutions to tertiary education challenges.

    •   Achieve a cohesive approach to the provision of industry support



Since inception of the fund in 1999 to end December 2021, an amount of over R572 million has been disbursed in grants to funded institutions.


Grants in 2021 totalled some R44 million